Project summary

Market hall in Rotterdam

Musee des Confluences in Lyon

Car park Gouda in the Netherlands

Theater Agora in Lelysatd

Sporthalle T-Kwadraat in Tilburg

Euronews Headquarter in Lyon

Shopping center Moeskroen in Belgium

Car Park Hoofddorp in the Netherlands

Bicycle bridge Naaldwijk in the Netherlands

Car park Aldi south in Mühlheim Germany

Car park "Catharina" Eindhoven in Netherlands

Car park University of Warwick in England

Car Park of the ZeissAG (stock company) in Oberkochen Germany

Car park in Neumunster ---- Germany

Villa in the Beskydy mountains Czech Republic

UN building in Copenhagen Denmark

ThyssenKrupp quarter in Essen Germany

Shopping center in Wasserburg Belgium

Hotel "La Maison" in Saarlouis

PFS Loose in France