Corrugated sheet metal bent individually according to customer requirements in various curves, perforated and powder-coated (RAL colour) for cladding an external façade.

Triangularly folded corrugated sheet made of aluminium with 2 different widths.

Powder-coated corrugated sheet metal with webs of different widths and vertical round perforations for cladding an external façade with visual emphasis on the vertical, according to the architect's specifications.

Light bronze ( E6C32 ) anodised corrugated sheet with round, horizontally arranged perforations to emphasise the horizontal lines and individual, flexible web width for cladding interior and exterior walls. Example

Black anodised hexagonal honeycomb perforation with even webs for cladding Audi Terminal façades. Example

Large, very airy horizontal round perforations in silver natural ( E6EV1 ) anodised aluminium with even webs.

Corrugated sheet anodised in nickel silver ( E6EV2 ) with square and triangular bars manufactured to specification.

Champagne-coloured ( E6C31 ) anodised corrugated sheet with two even webs and curved edges according to customer requirements.

Textured stainless steel sheet triangularly edged with 2 different width bars.

Champagne-coloured ( E6C31 ) anodised aluminium sheet with even bars manufactured to customer specifications.

Aluminium evenly edged with equal webs and equal profile depth, vertically round perforated.

Aluminium triangular edged with 2 different width bars and PerfoArt© motif perforation that changes depending on the viewing angle.