The production of this drum screen was realised in close cooperation with our customer. Due to the different diameters of the perforations of the inner and outer drum, it is possible to screen small living creatures from their natural habitat.

On the former site of the Oststadtklinik in Hannover Groß Buchholz, a new residential quarter with approx. 400 flats has been built on 70,000 sqm in the midst of generous green spaces at affordable prices. The project includes condominiums as well as privately financed and subsidised rental flats. Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche is supplying the balustrade infills for the balconies and the spiral staircases. The material used is 3 mm thick lasered aluminium, coated in the colour RAL 7034 .

Our sister company Preziehs GmbH now has a new welding robot at its disposal. In order to further perfect the production process and to achieve optimal results for serial production, Preziehs GmbH has invested in this production tool. Fast production times with best quality and cost-effective production are the criteria we pass on to our customers. Here you can see the welding robot in action

After press 40 was delivered to reinforce the capacities of our heavy-duty plant DF-Bulgaria, the work on the cabling has now been completed. At the moment, the already fully functional press is being enclosed to reduce the noise level.

Now that the machine has taken its place in production, it has been enclosed in a sound-insulating cabin (as of 19.08.2021). The connection of the control unit and the hydraulics is still in progress.

After press 40 was delivered to reinforce the capacities of our sister plant DF-Bulgaria on site, the work on the cabling is now in full swing. At the same time, the decoiler is being installed.

After the foundation has been poured and the machine has taken its place in production, it will be wired up as of today ( 28.06.2021). This complex work will still take some time.

Today, 15.06.2021, the foundation of the expected 600 tonne press of the company Soehnen was completed. The 20-tonne steel plate was placed precisely on the foundation by means of complex crane work. A conveyor belt is integrated into the foundation, which transports the slugs into 2 underground containers that can be emptied by a waste disposal company without much effort.

Dear customers, dear friends of Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche,

We, too, are pleased about the declining number of corona cases and hope to be able to return to normal operations soon.

Of course, it cannot be completely ruled out that we may also experience delays should necessary deliveries fail to arrive. We can assure you that we will do our utmost to maintain supply chains and guarantee production.

Plan your projects with us and make use of our expertise for your performance.

Whether home office or on site, difficult situations require new ways.

Stay healthy. Corona affects us all, let's make the best of this difficult situation together.

The management:Hans Ulrich Koch, Andreas Poss, Timo Kraus, Alfred Rospert

We would like to inform you that a new 600 tonne Soenen all across press with preleveling unit will replace the existing 400 tonne production line. The 400 tonne Soenen press used up to now will be utilised by our subsidiary DF-Bulgaria as reinforcement in the future.

At the moment, the Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche is working on the realisation of an exterior façade for the new multi-storey car park at the Bethel Clinic in Bielefeld. The existing capacities can thereby be increased by far and the existing parking situation will be relieved. With our patented Perfo©Art process, we will design the exterior walls with a realistic forest motif. Since the motifs are vectorised and applied to the individual façade panels, almost any conceivable enlargement of the motif is possible. Each panel gets a number and is mounted according to a precise construction plan. We have already worked in a similar way on the design of an Aldi car park.

We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Giuseppe Aquilino et Mr. Manuel Gehring are now part of our team for sales and project planning for the French market and can advise you competently in the field of industry and architecture.

If you have any questions about sound insulation or would like to know more about ceiling cladding, please do not hesitate to contact us.

From now on ( February 2021 ) we also produce, among other things, high-quality stainless steel racks for drying fruits that are mixed as ingredients in "premium mueslis" by well-known manufacturers.

Our subsidiary Dillinger Edelstahl GmbH now has a new Müller eccentric press. We are pleased to be able to meet your requirements even more specifically with this new acquisition and to further shorten the delivery time. With a pressing force of 315 tonnes and a table size of 2.10 m x 1.20 m, we can expand our repertoire even further.

RFID Transmitter can be integrated

The Dillinger perforated sheet factory has realised ventilation devices for multi-storey car parks in the infrastructure sector in Hesinki. Likewise, transformers - houses were clad with perforated sheeting. Our proprietary DesignPerf© process was used to perforate photorealistic motifs into the sheet metal according to the client's specifications. 4 mm ground stainless steel was used for this purpose.

Dillinger Fabrik supplied 2,500 perforated sheet metal cassettes for the facade of the new multi-storey car park at Nuremberg airport. These serve as facade cladding for 7500 m². The required sheets were anodised on both sides in E6EV1. A total of 188 different hole patterns are processed here to fit exactly. The design consists of glazed rectangular holes of 125 x 290 mm. On completion, the multi-storey car park will offer up to 3,600 spaces and will be accessible to all passengers. As things stand, the multi-storey car park will be completed in September 2020.

As of now, you can purchase our anodised sample folder with perforated sheets in the 7 anodised colours and, as a comparison sample, a powder-coated surface in RAL 7016 for a nominal fee of Euro 120. This amount will be charged to you when you place an order. More information? Please send us an email to:

In the area of exterior facades and interior cladding, we have expanded our programme with 3D perforated sheets. We can now meet the requirements and trends in modern architecture, as confirmed by the Bau trade fair 2019. Convex and concave shapes open up completely new possibilities. New in our production are the 3D Freestyle and 3D Dimple models

The new offices of our subsidiary Canal, with a storage area of 450 m², are occupie


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