Car park Hoofddorp in the Netherlands

This multilevel parking in Beukehorst Zuid, near Amsterdam was planned and built by Huber Car Park Systems. With 415 parking places, this is a mid-size object. Huge light inflow, enabled by a huge hole proportion, thus a huge open surface, allow a good visibility and a good climate condition inside. The outer facade of the building was produced with stamping process; the aluminum panels are double perforated and have an enormous impact on the appearance of the facade. The basic perforation is RG 18/22 (18mm in straight rows with a pitch of 22mm). A second perforation with diameters between 30 to 80 mm light up the appearance and give it its unique character. The surfaces of the panels are powder-coated in the colors RAL 1023/9010/1028. The basic material of the facade is AlMg1 EN-AW 5005, a material which covers all requirements of building regulations and which is also ecologic due to its 100% recyclability.


Client: Huber Car park systems
Material: Almg1
Thickness: 3mm
Surface: Powder-coated RAL 1023/9010/1028
Perforation: RG 12/18 Round perforation in straight rows