Washing baskets for industrial washing and cleaning systems


Production residues on precision parts as well as oils and emulsions are the reasons for the use of part cleaning Systems.Individual workpiece carrier are used for all common processes such as high-presure, dip tank, spray Flood and ultrasonic cleaning.

Stable and durable cleaning baskets are used as product carriers in this area. They offer products maximum protection while removing machining residues and they lubricants. Compared to Standard wirde baskets, can save up to 50% of the weight. A larger volume with the same outer dimensions combined with reduced wear are the reasons for the reasons for the use of perforated baskets.

The baskets can be manufactured in such a way that they are compatible with existing Systems and can be used in combination with wire baskets in the same production line.

In the field of ergonomics, considerable Progress has been achieved by rounding off all Corners and handles.Optionaly, it is possible to integrate an RFID Transmitterthat can be used for process control and documentation purposes.