Embossing plates general information

The term 'embossed sheet' comes from the production method. During production, no holes are punched, but the desired embossing is pressed into the sheet metal by means of specially shaped upper and lower tools. The embossed sheet is a further development of the classic perforated sheet. As with the perforated sheet, the embossing can be positioned in straight rows or even in staggered arrangements. Equal distances (pitches) but also individual motifs similar to DesignPerf are possible. In contrast to classic perforated sheeting, embossing allows the third dimension to be used in the design, thus opening up many interesting possibilities. Technical applications are also possible, for example the reduction of surface friction in transport systems. Embossed sheets also have a wide range of applications in anti-slip protection as well as in grinding and crushing. Combinations of perforation and embossing are common in both the design and technical fields. Typical embossing forms are rhombic, nubbed, pyramid and round embossing, as well as many other special applications.

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