Special perforation sample catalogue

Confession perforation


Fan perforation

Floral perforation

Mandala perforation

Flower petal

Perforation orientale

Bubble perforation

Star perforation

Cloverleaf perforation

You can now purchase our special perforation sample catalogue with 10 sample perforations for a nominal fee of Euro 120,-. This amount will be charged to you when you place an order. More information? Please send us an email to: info@df-perforatedsheets.com

Special perforations on view

The special perforations are made of various materials in which we also offer complete facades. As examples we present aluminium, stainless steel and steel plates - from 1.5 to 2 mm material thickness. The surfaces are partly refined, e.g. with anodising or powder coating.

Existing clamping points of anodised parts, as well as colour deviations, are production-related deviations that cannot be prevented.

The special perforations in this folder can of course only show a small part of the possibilities we can offer you. If you have specific projects and ideas that are not covered here, please contact us and we will certainly find a solution.

To realise even the most unusual perforations, we have Amada and laser machines at our disposal in addition to the classic presses. We look forward to your challenge.