Car park Aldi Süd in Germany

On 4 levels, the trapezoidal, new built indoor parking with its extraordinary facade offers space for over 950 vehicles - including electric vehicles and bikes. "If our employees will in future not see the dense green of the many trees any more because of the indoor parking, why not putting the trees on the facade of the building?"

- "With that theorem we started into the conception for the building", explains Axel Koschany, CEO of Koschany+Zimmer Archiketen KZA, the arrangement of the indoor parking. The facade was created with our so-called Design Perf ® method and consists of 4mm thick perforated Aluminum-Manganese panels. The complete facade required 498 powder-coated Panels.

Architect: Koschany & Zimmer Architects KZA
Client: ALDI Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Material Facade: Aliminium Facade anodized Sandalor Color
Completion: 2016