Designperf© - The motif perforation

The technology allows graphics / pictures as well as illustrations to be transformed in a multi-stage process into aesthetic solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether as an eye catcher for a cladding, a ceiling element or even as a façade, your wishes can be depicted with the help of DesignPerf ©.
With different automated production machines and the specially developed software, it is possible to display graphics from 500 x 500 mm up to 2000 x 6000 mm on one sheet. By segmenting the motif, images can be expanded and produced in almost any size. Especially for façade application there is no size limit at all for this application.
The process of image conversion to the perforated plate resembles the halftone print; the graphics are converted into points by filter functions. By varying the hole diameters and the distances between them, contrasts are created, variations of the diameters allow changes in brightness. Give your creativity free rein with DesignPerf ©

Original picture

Convertet picture

Perforated sheet picture