The facade exterieur

The facade exterieur represents the architect’s screen, which allows combining functional and aesthetic features by giving its unique character to the building.
Sustainability and durability are essential requirements of modern buildings; to this end, metal facades are well suitable solutions, which are perfectly able to meet the specifications and exigencies of the designers, engineers and planners teams. At a time of energy-saving solutions, in particular concerning shadowing and daylight active control, interesting fields of application for perforated metal are offered, conciliating aesthetic and functionality.
New creative approaches as for example DesignPerf© open up top customization possibilities combined with a valuable, sustainable and proven technology.
Thanks to over 125 years of experience in the sector of perforated sheets and its skilled multilingual team of engineers, Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche will help you to find the most effective solution.

Due to its insensitivity to weather influences and its characteristic patina, Corten steel is an ideal building material for setting architectural accents.

This steel can be used for welded and bolted constructions.

There are many possible applications, particularly in exterior areas and in façade design, as the steel only rust on the surface and otherwise retains its load-bearing capacity and thus its static properties.