Embossing and embossing perforations

With the further development and optimisation of stamping technology and stamping materials in the perforated sheet industry, the way was paved for embossed sheet. Countless variants of embossing and combination products are used in various industrial and architectural sectors. Technically, it is now possible to emboss and punch at the same time using the appropriate tools. During embossing, the material is guided between the positive and negative form of the embossing punch and the die, where, depending on the form, the sheet to be processed is pressed into the form from below or from above. The smooth stripping of the sheet and the simultaneous feed movement are of decisive importance to ensure a clean, homogeneous embossing.

Continuous further development in the Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche's own toolmaking department ensures that customers are always assured of high efficiency, long service life and the best product quality.  The areas of application for embossed sheets cover a wide spectrum in all sectors of industry. The most common applications are in the area of anti-slip, which is used for commercial vehicles of all kinds, as well as for drive-on ramps. Washing drums in the white goods environment and in the industrial sector rely on combination products made of perforated sheeting with embossing. In agriculture and the further processing of agricultural products, embossed perforated sheets are used in screening and sorting systems.


Perforated and embossed sheets are used in almost all areas of daily life.

Here are just a few examples:

- Exterior and interior design

- Automobile construction- Structural and civil engineering

- Art in construction

- Design (e.g. lights)

- Shopfitting and trade fair construction

- Furnishing and furniture industry

- Machinery and plant construction

- Food industry

- Agriculture and animal husbandry

and many more.


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