Perforated sheets and perforated sheet products from Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche GmbH

As one of the leading manufacturers of perforated metal in Europe, our large production depth allows us to offer you a wide and unique range of products.

With our modern machinery we are able to fulfil almost every customer-specific task.
The complete production of perforated plates from a single source gives our customers the advantage of making the best possible use of existing synergy potentials.

A short film will give you an insight into our world of perforated plates.

Innovation begins with an idea.
The idea of combining functionality with unlimited possibilities.

State-of-the-art production facilities and optimised internal and external logistics guarantee a fast and careful implementation of your ideas.

On request, we are happy to advise our customers, with our experienced, multilingual team of engineers, right from the planning phase.


In addition to the production of flat perforated plates, the further processing of perforated plates into more complex, ready-to-install assemblies and vendor parts has become a focal point of activity in our company in recent years.

Our possibilities in the area of further processing include:

- Straightening, drawing
- Cutting, Edging, Laser
- Bending, rounding, joining, welding, clinching, etc.

Price and delivery time play a decisive role alongside quality. DF meets these requirements by offering the possibility to keep custom-made products in our warehouse and to deliver on time on call.

In this way, DF customers benefit at the same time from the cost advantages of higher production lot sizes as well as the delivery time advantages of parts held in stock - quality just in time.

In addition to this comprehensive range of services, we also have an extensive stock range with over 300 items of perforated plates... the material types:

- Steel
- Galvanized steel
- Stainless steel
- Aluminium

 ...and with the perforations:

- Round holes offset
- Round perforation straight standing
- Square perforation straight
- Hexagonal perforatio

As one of the leading manufacturers of perforated sheets in Europe, Dilinger's perforated sheeting plant is now also processing 90% or more recycled aluminium. In this way we want to make our contribution to a conscious use of resources and energy.

The new product, an anodisable aluminium variant, had to pass a series of tests to be verified as a suitable material for anodised façade sheets. In addition to sustainability, the technical properties are also of great importance. These tests included corrosion resistance, colour consistency and the bending properties.


The recycled aluminium is used as sheet and coil. A significantly reduced energy input and a considerable reduction in CO2 production combined with excellent material properties result in a sustainable product that can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Especially in the field of architecture, the new material offers the possibility of a sophisticated façade design that can also be installed under a "green aspect" (strongly reduced CO2 use).


DF- Bulgaria, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche, has taken another step towards green perforated metal with a 100 KW photovoltaic system. The system will go into operation on 30.04.2024. It is now possible to generate between 30 and 50 per cent of the required energy ourselves, depending on the intensity of the sun and weather conditions. This step will save a large amount of CO2 and bring us a big step closer to climate neutrality in our production. 

( EPD: Environmetal Product Declaration for powder-coated and anodised aluminium facades in the architectural sector )

This EPD refers to the average CO2 emissions of the available aluminium panels / flashings produced in the plants of Dillinger Fabrik perforated sheets including the transport to the customer.

The EPD applies to the following plants:

- DF perforated sheets

- Dillinger Edelstahlverarbeitung

- Preziehs

- Perfox

- DF-Bulgaria

The EPD is available at ÖKOBAUDAT and KIWA Database. The EPD provides reliable and comparable information on the environmental performance of our products in the field of architecture.

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