Examples perforated sheets with special holes

 Embossed round holes

 Embossed long holes

Deep drawn round hole

 Ornamental perforations-star-shaped

 Ornamental perforations-chequerboard

Floral perforation

Bubble perforation

Perforation oriental

Diamond flower

Flower petal

 Ornamental perforations find their use in the field of architecture as facades and balcony paneling. Star perforations or chessboard perforations are two of the possible variants to visually enhance a facade. Due to the advanced automation and digitization, it is now possible to perforate graphics on facades or balustrades using the DesignPerf® method. The motifs are perforated by segments, thus, dimensions are therefore unlimited.

 Slotted Bridge perforation

 Louvered perforation

For soil draining, for example for gravel extraction, but also for raw materials such as wood chips or substrates for biogas plants, methods were developed based on the use of bridge slot perforations. During the draining, these sheets avoid clogging with substrates and the filter effect is maintained for a longer time with high efficiency. For ventilation and venting, grid sheets with a Louvered perforation have established and are standard for many applications.

For separation and shredding of scrap, tire rubber or waste wood, friction sheets with a nostril or double-nosed perforation are used. They grate the material to the required size and split them within the same operation. The Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche is your competent partner in the development of your customized Perforation.

Diamond perforation

Slot perforation

Cloverleaf perforation

Cloverleaf perforation - powder coated