Water treatment Sebes Luxembourg-Eschdorf

After about six years of construction, the new water treatment plant in Eschdorf was officially commissioned in June 2023 in the presence of the Grand Duke. The new plant has a capacity of 110 000 cubic metres per day. And is thus sufficient until 2040, according to Sebe's director Georges Kraus. The design was undertaken by the architectural firm Witry & Witry, which won 1st prize in 2013 with its design. The perforated sheet façade consists of 3 to 4 mm aluminium sheets, with each sheet being unique. For assembly, the sheets were numbered and installed on site according to an assembly plan. The surface is anodised in the colour E6EV1. The hole diameters used range between 5.5 and 7.5 mm on the façade with a pitch of 10.5. 

Drop-shaped tracks were perforated into the curtain wall perforated sheet façade to match the intended use of the building. The ground floor of the oval building merges into the upper floors in a stylised wave. Here, too, the reference to the intended use is recognisable.

Architect: | Witry & Witry Architektur Urbanisme
Client:| Sebes Eschdorf, Luxembourg
Material Facade:| Anodised perforated aluminium sheets in colour E6EV1
Completion:| 2023
Material:| 3 to 4 mm perforated aluminium sheeting with motif perforation water drop design and fixing holes.
Fixing: | Hot-dip galvanised steel angles screwed on at the rear.