Edging profiles for sheets and perforateted sheets

Edging profiles for sheets and perforated sheets are used where there is a risk of injury due to direct, unsecured proximity to perforated sheets.

To prevent cuts and impact injuries, the edges of the perforated sheet are enclosed with so-called edging profiles. We distinguish between round, square and bottle-shaped profiles. All profiles are manufactured according to DIN 17118.

The possible applications here are in the areas of:

- Balcony cladding

- Stair railing infills

- Mechanical engineering cladding

- Trade fair and shop construction as well as general frame construction




We distinguish between 4 types of edging profiles in terms of shape and structure. Depending on the intended use and personal taste, we can supply you with the profile you require. Variations by arrangement. Contact us and we will also deliver your desired profile.