Euronews Headquarter Lyon

A green long cube at the Saône shore in Lyon with 2 eyes-like openings, looking like 2 watching objectives, gazing out to the world, this is the world headquarter of the news channel Euronews. Both cone Atriums bring daylight in the inner of the building and allow a great view to the river. They were designed by the architects Jakob + MacFarlane, deliberately as 2 eyes watching the river and the environment. The "holes" reach up to the roof and supply the office rooms with light and relaxing atmosphere . The outer skin of the body consists of a light transparent facade, mainly built of glass. It gets doubled by an irregularly designed aluminum skin. The result is a transparent double skin playing with the light inside allowing various rich perspectives to the outside. This, almost cinematic effect, plays with the flow of the river which is wriggling in front of the building. For the architects, the green is a reference to the color of the Saône and brings at the same time an interaction between architecture and the landscape at the opposite shore.

Architect: Jakob + MacFarlane
Building owner: Euronews/Cardinal
Material facade: Aluminum perforated sheet, color Lime Green
Completion: 2015